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Finding a Place to Park your Tiny Home

When purchasing or relocating a tiny home, it is important to keep in mind where you will park your home. For many people, the stress of finding the perfect place to park can become overwhelming.

Think through the environment you’re looking to live in. Is it social and full of activity? Is it peaceful and private? How does the locale fit in with your needs, work, and lifestyle? These are all things to consider as you look for an available lease.

Knowing your budget will play a significant role in where you park your tiny home. Most spots are leased out, meaning that you will make a monthly payment. All amenities and additional luxuries will cost more.

When searching for a place to park your tiny home, it is imperative that you are familiar with what you need for your tiny home to function fully and properly. Consider the utilities and hookups necessary such as toilet, freshwater, and electricity.

Firm ground is the most suitable for your tiny home for many reasons. Cement or gravel is optimal, because other grounds put your tiny home at risk of immobility or tilting at an angle. Both create an uncomfortable living situation for the owners, while also making it difficult to move your tiny home when you need or choose to.

There are several websites you can visit to find the best tiny home community to meet your needs and desires and follow our tips to make search for a parking lease simpler.


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